Writer’s Retreat Update

I can’t lie: this trip is pretty great. I haven’t written anything truly monumental (yet – the night is still young!), but I have made quite a lot of progress thought-wise. Also, being out and about at Presque Isle has just been good for my soul. I grew up in the woods (my earliest writing escape location, before I was old enough to go to coffeeshops on my own, was this random hunters’ treestand in the woods behind my parents’ house), and I just need to return there every month or so to plug myself back in to… myself.

So far on this trip, I:

~ Was waved at by an Amish family standing on an overpass above the highway.
~ Got lost in a TallyHo parking lot.
~ Finished the first draft of my synopsis (which weighs in at 6 pages… hence the ‘first draft’ part).
~ Went running along Lake Erie.
~ Took Miss Lucy to the beach for the first time, where she was confused and perplexed by how to walk in sand.
~ Went to a supercute coffeeshop called Brick House Coffee, where I rewrote that pesky first paragraph.
~ Had a delicious Caesar salad, even though it was at a chain restaurant (O’Charley’s).
~ Also had the best portabella sandwich of my life at Pufferbelly’s, a restaurant that used to be a fire station.
~ Sat on a park bench on the beach and watched the sun set while making notes about my novel in my notebook.
~ Failed to pull up close enough to a drive-thru ATM, and accidentally only reached as high as the ‘Spanish’ button instead of ‘English’ and had to try to translate ATM directions on the fly.

Now it’s time to start the paring-down process of the synopsis, and then maybe put in a little extra time on the first chapter before bed. Lucy and I are off to home around 10 tomorrow morning, but I think we’re going to sneak in one last little romp around Presque Isle before we get on the road.

I sense a weekend of query-sending ahead of me… :)

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