Oh. Mah. Gawd.

Today, I had a glass of wine at one of my favorite afternoon-glass-of-wine spots, and I took out this ridiculous calendar (I’m talking ridiculous, as in, I mightaswell have written ‘wake up’ and ‘take some deep breaths’ in the details), and I made a list of WRITING GOALS ON SPECIFIC DAYS.

Tonight’s writing goal? “Query letter revamp.”

And… I DID IT!

Okay, okay, before I get out of control here, I should add that I did a *first draft* of the new query. Because, well, it’s almost midnight, and I have a fourteen-hour shift to put in tomorrow bright and early. So like… Saturday night, query-revamp will be complete. (Besides, all us rl srs writers know you have to let something sit for a minute before you edit it!)

One of the biggest faults of the old query was that the voice wasn’t present. My book is about death (and Death, the man himself). And there are serious subjects. But what makes it not a Debbie Downer of a teen romance is that it’s funny. (I mean, I think it’s funny, which, depsite what you may think, is not like your mum saying you’re pretty.) And you couldn’t tell that whatsoever from the old query.

It was like the polyester pants of query letters, that old one. This is a light, breathable fabric that won’t rip in the crotch if you pull out some Prince-style splits to celebrate.

Anyway. I’m pumped. I’ve breathed new life into my query, which makes me actually feel like I kind of sort of might want to query again. (Gosh, isn’t it wonderful when a word can be a noun and a verb and an adjective? I mean, probably, if the word isn’t ‘query’, which, well, I’m still emotionally scarred from this whole process.)

I feel like I was looking at that old query, going, “Oh hell no, no one is going to want to read this thing!” Because I think the key to this book is the humor. I think the humor holds it together when it would otherwise smother you with the Tough Stuff. And it’s a fine line, in YA stuff that deals with death and sexy grim reapers and hockey.

(I really hope the hockey bits aren’t a deal breaker. I guess I should start by querying Canadian agents.)

I need to get to bed, but I wanted to share. (Full disclosure: what I really want to do is do an end-zone dance and throw Gatorade on my husband. But I don’t have any Gatorade, because I’ve been trying so hard not to get hangovers.)

You’ll hear from me again once I press that shiny ‘send’ button on some agent emails!